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Friday, August 22, 2003


I'm herre at the Austins...Its sorta fun lol* We just watched " House of a 1000 portic:, fucked up movies, WOW....lol* Its been a LONG time since i last wrote in here. WOW* So much has happened, N' wow, tehre is WAY to much to write about. Had a good time N' summer is just getting great, n' we have to go back to Skool in like 3 days. WHAT THE FUCK? Thats gay. I can't even explain. But whatever is up with everyone, i luv u all. WOW* Today was a great day. *A and B do it, N' repeat* <--I heard it on the TV today. Okay Muah, much LOVE


Current mood: DUHHH

Sunday, August 3, 2003

8:33AM - WOOHOO*

Last nite I hung out with Cory. He came ova after he go out of work. That was at 9:00. We watched a movies. First we watched "PhoneBooth" then we watched "Rudy". Haha. He left at 12:00ish. i didn't want him to leave. haha. But he is a sweet heart. The other nite he asked me. "Stephie where have you been all my life?" It was SOO cute! WOOHOO*

Dan next time you read this, give me a call. We haven't talked in a while. I miss you lots.

Will sumone please explain to me what happened to Justin?? I head he got shot. WOW** My Jesse Terrio?? Thats SOO sad!

I got to bounce. I am going to Portland. SHOPPING* WooHoo* I'm gonna have fun! BUH BYE!

Current mood: awake

Saturday, August 2, 2003


Tanite Cory came up N' got me, I told him 4th house on the right, which i ment LEFT. OOOPPPSS* Cory N' I went N' watched the Raley Races. It was cold N' wet, but I had a good time. It got ova at 9ish. We were supposed to go to the movies to see pirite of Caribbean in Auburn. But we said fuck it, N' went to the turn out. We hung out there until 12:00. Gross Glowski started given me shit, but she wasn't gonna do anything about it. So we left, N' came herre. Cory just left. I am so happy. He puts a smile to my face. Tomorrow, Cory is supposed to call me. I might go to Andover Homes Day also, but i donno. MUAH* Much love - PEACE

Current mood: cheerful

Thursday, July 31, 2003

9:47PM - Good Timez!

Yesturday i woke up, Harold called me. So Harold, Tony N' I, all walked down to Liz's - It was HOTT! Hung out with them guys until 7ish. Then Tony N' Harold walked me down to the turn out, to meet up with Dan! Dan N' I ate pizza N' hung out. We went down to the turn out. My sister picked me up at 10:05, which i was pissed about. I went home, my mom was DRUNK. We got into a fight, so I packed my things N' my brother gave me a ride. We went down to the turn out. I was all up set N' shit, Dan calm'd me down. I saw CORY, but didn't spend no time with him. Trav brought me to Liz! I stay'd at Liz's for like 10 mins, then Liz, Ashley Pingree, N' I walked down to the turn out, AGAIN! I SAW CORY! N' we hung out together from 11:30pm - 3:30am. *--> We went for a walk N' talked it was GREAT! WOOHOO he made MY nite! He's a sweet heart! **Thanx Danny* N' *Nicole**! Cory N' I watch'd Timmy Jacques almost beat up Tom Brown (Old man). Then the cops came N' kick'd us outta the turn out! Cory brought me back to Liz's. N' he asked for my #, N' he gave me his, N' told me to call him today - I DID! I think we are hanging out tomorrow...I am EXCITED!...WOOHOO***

Hey Liz, Even though you got arrested, N' your Mom is sending you to St. Mary's - I still LUV ya, N' you still my girl! MUAH* ;)

Current mood: surprised

Friday, July 25, 2003


Danny - U N' I just can't seem to find eachother, haha. Well give me a ring here at my MOM's, if i'm not herre, call me at liz's (i live there). I MISS YA! MUAH*

NiCole - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sorry i wasn't there. I MISS YA!. We need to hang SOON. GUESS WHAT!!!! I went to Dick's today. But HE wasn't there, so i will go back tomorrow, N' the next, N' the next, unitl HE is..haha. LOL*

LIZ*AKA*DramaQueen - My girl, Way to much to write. So i luv ya girl. Ohh you N' i NEED to stay away from the PO-Po's DAMN* MUAH*

Mike - haha She thinks you N' i want eachother. DAMN now thats FUNNY. Nawww your an AWESOME friend. *Top Of The World* What the BEST! haha

PHIL - All i can say is - Your my Big Bro, I got your bac, you got mine. Stay Clean lol*

But whateva. i don't care anymore.. haha fuck the world*

"When i say smiles, you smile ASSHOLE!!!!" -Aunt Julie (From Freddies)


Current mood: restless

Monday, July 14, 2003

2:43PM - **-**

Life Is Grand!

Current mood: crazy

Sunday, July 13, 2003

10:26PM - Everything*

I had one hell of a weekend.

Yesturday i was in a car crash...that was SCARY!!haha

But i went ta cheering today that was intresting. Sam was there. We didn't talk. But when i got home, we did. I donnno she wants me to trust her. I donno if i can really trust her, i wanna...but i am scared. Sam - I have ALWAYS been there for you when you needed a friend, or a help'n hand. But why is it everytime i need sumone your never there...or everytime i had a bad day, how cum i can't count on you to be there?? You N' i have been threw it all...Since 6th grade...When we almost kill'd each other, to fighting ova boyz, to loven eachother. I hate fighting with you. N' i don't hate you, i could never hate you...But there are sum things i would love to tell you...but do i dare???

Nicole...I feel so bad for you..I love you to peices. Whateva happenes with you N' Scott i think it will be a good decision. What he did was wrong. But Hun, if you love him N' care about him, let him explain what happened. I think he really cares about you. N' i think that everything happened before he really got to know you. I wont be herre for your birthday, but when i get back, i'll make it up to you, we'll go out, N' have sum fun. K hun. :) OHH N' i still need to talk to you about sumone....haha

Life Truely Is A Game. Play It Right, Or You Loose*

Current mood: confused

Friday, July 11, 2003

8:16AM - TRUST

It takes a life time to build up your trust for sumone, but in just one moment, it can be broken.

Sum ppl these days. There to fucking dumb. Sum ppl i guess think there king shit, n sum ppl just don't know where to stop. I thought i trusted most of these ppl. What the hell.

Ohh n for most of it all, if it wasn't for nicole Wills, i woulnd't know what to do. THANX

You know who u are* Stay outta my life, everytime i liek sumone u fuck it up....errrr****

I really like Denis...leave it at that....


Current mood: bitchy

Monday, July 7, 2003

6:53PM - L*I*F*E*

I just got home, i had a long ass day. I got up at 8:00, so i could go N' coach little kids in cheering, there SOOO cute, OMG i luv'm all. But the only thing that sux about it is that i have to get up at 8:00 for the next 2 weeks... But whateva i will make it.

Then i came home, jumped in my pool, N' went 4-wheeling, N' found all my friends from Peru...(AP TC AM ER ETC.) We went swimming in the river N' all that good stuff.

Ummmm right now i just got outta the shower, N' i am on the tellie with LIZZY...haha. Tomorrow we are hanging out...N' she is gonna let me piss on sumones house...LOL*

But i gotta bounce, my ride in herre.

Ohh N' Nicole, Thanx for talking to be about things. With you i can really relate. I hope your happy. :)

But BYE*

Current mood: sad

Sunday, July 6, 2003


HAHA, what a great 4th...Well besides not being with Denis. But its still tight, cuz he's my BESTEST FREIND..N' he knows that....Cuz he knows EVERYTHNG. Ohh N' he's special to me...HeHe * HaHa

Carrie N' Tony G* are gonna HOOK up...WOOHOO...There in LOVE lol*...I luv CARRIE WILLS, Ohh N' Nicole Wills..haha. Ohh N Beca Moore, N everyone eles...

"When You Drink You Don't Think, So Think Before You Drink" ELIZBETH A* BARNNETT....Were good. Yeah we walk threw town at 1AM with NO shoes on, N' sit on curbs at 3AM N' have the cops stop N' have a little "CHAT" with us..ERRR SORRY, i know i am a KLUTZ, but You are TOOO....haha good times LIZZY...

Hey Aaron, I know they make you wanna SNUGGLE, But guess what...The weeping ones are SOOO pretty...Its smells like POOP..You were THE LAST person i exspected to be sitting with, but it was all good...Your a nice boye but BE GOOD...!!!!

Jay PPL are "COOL" exspecially Lauren Farrington becasue she is going out with Justin Butler, N' he is pretty much related to me. WOW thats FUCK'D UP!*

Your MOMMA is the BOMB......L*A*B


Current mood: Don't Give A Fuck

Saturday, June 28, 2003

12:29AM - Dreams Cum True*

Wow, When you finally tell the person that you have liked for so long how you feel, Magic happenes...4 real! - HUN, WOW, I'm glad i was drunk that nite...! Carnival is GAY...But Crazey Eddie is awesome....FUCKING RIGHT... Blah Blah, the Phone's ringing.."Speak Ta Me.." hahaha Damn YOU..........Whateva.....BYE

Current mood: Fucking Rite

Wednesday, June 25, 2003


Its Cool when you care about sumone for so long, N' then they go behind your back N hurt you. I thought you where different, But really your not, your just another guy that has alot of growing up before you go to high school. I trusted you, i told you things, N' you hurt me, N' i donno what i did wrong? But i am sorry. I donno what i am sorry for, But you know what, i am the bigger person here, N' i am SORRY. I thought you where sumone different.....I really did. But Nope, i guess i fooled myself. Thats Hurts. But You know what, have a nice summa, cuz i got betta shit planed.

Tanite i am hanging out with an OLD friend...WOOHOO* I'm glad we can talk again. THANX :)

PEACE Ya'll......MUAH* - Much Love*

Current mood: Intresting

Friday, June 13, 2003

4:03PM - The Truth, N' I Don't Care What Everyone Else Thinks*

I fell in love with a guy 6 months ago. Then we broke up. But now i'm finally ready to tell the world i loved him, N' i still do. I can't live with out him. N i want him BACK. I will do anything for you. I don't care what everyone else things anymore. I love *YOU* hun, N' i will do anything. Please for give me for all i have done. I will never hurt u again. My love goes out to you...You know who you are!

Not a day goes by that i don't think about you. Your the love of my life hun.

Current mood: Your Mine*

Monday, June 9, 2003

6:30AM - WOW

Things have been weired. But i know what i want now.

To My Special Sumone-
Today I woke up to see the fog outside my bed room window. Knowing it was going to be a crappy day out. N' then I thought I new what love ment. "Even tho we fight, as long as YOU are happy, life is good." Today its crappy out. N' the other day we had a fight. Even tho it was bad, it will get betta, N' the sun will shine again. I miss you hun, N' I really do care about you. I am sorry for hurting you. Please 4 give. You mean the world to me. Much Love XOXO


Current mood: accomplished

Monday, June 2, 2003

6:37PM - #1!

Humm...Taday was dull n boren. Nothing ever happens in my life. BUT today i mad plans with MO...ahhh i am excited. hehe i love that girl. N she mad me remember sumthing. She made me remember how much i missed Smitty. N once again i shouldn't of let him to. I am an idiot. N i am determind, i hope. Yeah yeah I love you! Blah BYE

Current mood: The past

Saturday, May 17, 2003

7:27PM - YUP*

WOW, its been a while. But screw everything that has happened lately. I leave to go to N.C. (North Carolina) in 4 days, N my sister is cumin home for good then. I'm excited. Ummm woe, where to start.

Sam (Mini Me)- I don't know why we ever got into a fight n ended our freindship. But when u told me u missed me the other nite, it hit me, i really missed u also. No matter what happened or who u hang out with or, what ppl say. I will always remeber the good out days you n i used to have together. I remeber the day we wanted to fight in 6th grade. I remeber when u where in love with Gary Rumley. It seems only yesturday when we where riding in my sisters car haven a good out time. But timez have changed, n we've bothed movies on. But, i think we both see, we miss eachother, n need to forget the past, n start over. The phone line is open day or nite, if u need sumthing/sumone to talk to. Other wise, good luck with life. Don't ever let anyone treat you bad, you deserve the best.

Well, i was suposed to hang out with Liz today, but i can't get ahold of her n shit, so i will do sumthing else. haha

Lately, alot of ppl ask me, "Steph would do u like?" You guys, i don't have an answer to that. I donno who i like anymore. Life is messed up. I thought things where pretty good with Cody n i, but like 2 weeks ago we sorta drifted apart, n its not the same anymore. Then Sum ppl want me to like Ben Hodgkins, but my girl Sam has him, n i have none, zero, zip, feelings for him. Then ppl say i should date this guy from Mt. Blue, Jack Peck. But why would i waist my time with a long distance guy. So to me, lately, every guy that cums alot, is not for me, or sumthing is wrong, n i puch myself to get away. I guess today i wont find "Mister Right" but then again, i am only 14, i have my intire life in front of me. Plus all i want to do right now, is be a kid, n life my life, one step at a time.

To me i guess sumthing have no answers, n i guess sum answers make no sence. But whateva'.

Mo, The other day i had a talk with u about sumone, U asked me if i liked him, Well i am attrated to him, so maybe he is worth teh shot. I donno. But with you mo, you always seem to help me make the right disision, so what do u think. Ohh yeah, i still think you should do my brother, we knpw he likes you, n we BOTH know that u like him way deap down inside. Maybe today u don't like him, but tomorrow is another day. He deserved a girl like you, give him the chance to show you he cares. Screw Erik. lol*

Well most likely is will be another 2 weeks before i even bother to write in here again...BLAH. Well keep it real girlie* Much love ya'll

Current mood: chipper

Saturday, May 3, 2003

9:06PM - ^UP^

Me N you, it was real, ya know, oppsites attract.

Wow, its been sum time, n i donno why i am even writen in here, i wont rember writen it tomorrow...so its all good. But life is life. Ppl will be ppl, but i could vare less. Cody n i are doing awesome like always....he's a good boye, haha, i luv'm. I went shoppin, got cloths....fucking right.
Wow, over Vay - K, i had sum fucking fun. Hung out with *Cody, alot, almost every day that made me happy. Saw an old friend at the movies, n i slapped him. It was pretty sweet. Went 4-wheeling with Aaron Patenaude, n the crew. They where fucking awesome, we need to do that sum more guy. haha....Chill'd with my fucking bro.....(Stiffy) good times. Damn i donno it was a sweet ass vacation. Can't wait for this summer. Fucking right guy.
Meg's i luv ya tunz, n no matter what happens, i am here for u, n u will always be my girl. No matter what ppl think, i say you a sweet, kind, pretty, awesome girl. Thinks will get better.
To everyone damn i donno, i luv ya tunz....Yo give me a holla!..ight.


Current mood: high

Monday, April 7, 2003

9:32PM - Wow.......

Sorry i haven't updated this in so long, i've just been WAY to busy these days. So much has happened to me lately tho. Friday (4/4) night Cody stopped in n spend the evening with me. I had - much fun. We watched TV. N i donno talked a bit. He's a nice fella, but he knows everything...to hard to explain. Well Saturday (4/5) i went down to Farrmingtion to see my little cuz. She's annyoring tho. Happen to go to the movies that night with Mt.Blue person/PPL and saw, Dreamcather, which was gayer then HELL. But it was intence i guess, prolly coulda done sumthing better..but whatever. On Sunday (4/6) i slept in really late...n when i woke up, i went to go online to my ICQ, n for sum reason i couldn't. I got on my brother's ICQ n looked at my icq info, n saw dirty nasty mean things in there. I was pissed but then i got over it. But then i showed my brother. He made me print it out, n he brought it to sumone. I didn't want him to but he made me..so whatever. I got my info changed back today. N i also got my password for my icq, but its wrong. But see the funny part is....the person that gave me my password. At first she said she didn't know my old password, but in the end she was like yeah i know your password....so she's changing her story, n i like it. But really i don't even give a shit, i find it funny for ppl with NO FUCKING LIFE to have to go on sumone else ICQ to ammuse themselfs...right get a life. I mean sum on you all may not like me, n thats aweosme, go YOU. But i could really care less which one of u guys hate me THIS week. So whaetver..have fun, haven NO LIFE. But this weekend i am already busy. Friday i most likely will hang out with Cody like always. Ummm Saturday during the day. Aaron Pateaude n i are going 4-wheeling, wow am i excited...i love ride wheelers....ohh intence, n i got a new helmet...YIPPY. Ummm Saturday night, i got a date with MONIQUE, my girl. I love her. haha this will be GREAT funs....Then on Sunday, i got nothin...so i dono...lol* Today track started, i love track.. This year is gonna kick ass with Kristen Maddy n i + others...LOL* Track is a very easy sport...its mostly fun. But i am in a weird mood, n i am going to bed...i just wanna sleep all my anger off. N be ALONE right now. So good night. Much Love*

Current mood: depressed

Monday, March 31, 2003

9:26PM - Wondering?

When people write things in here, they don't hurt. Cuz the only thing you guys are all doing, is haven no life. You guys feel un-self-confident in yourself. So u lower yourself to try to make sumone else feel bad. Well it may make you feel just grand...But i could care less. You don't hurt me....I know the truth about me, n thats all that matters. Plus if you guys really took the time to get to know me, you would know the truth about me. People like to start rumors, i could care less, cuz if u all really cared, you'd cum to me, n ask about them. I'll tell u what u need to know. But other wise, i'm recommending, finding sumthing more constructive them what ya doing. Anyways..Peace*

Current mood: The truth

Thursday, March 27, 2003

6:41PM - Nerds

Nerds are great. I ma at beca's hanging out wiht Beca n Carrie. Its loads of fun guy. haha we went to subway today. N we had a half of day. YIPPY. Well i can't wait for saturday to cum around, its gonna be fun. haha we are watching a movie. N getting ready to do sumthing..hahaa joy...peace out..talk later.

Current mood: Carrie Wills Mood!!!!

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